Build tools: qmake



Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug QTBUG-35318 Xcode generator may wrongly put QMAKE_BUNDLE_DATA in Resources subdir
  • Bug QTBUG-35431 qmake could not resolve Info.plist, sometimes
  • Task QTBUG-37771 Verify appx packaging on Windows Phone 8.1 to work with our tooling

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug QTBUG-16443 Yesterday 8:54 AM Path-too-long when building on Windows
  • Bug QTBUG-31185 Last Wednesday 4:10 PM PlatformToolset env var not honored by MSVC project generator
  • Bug QTBUG-38388 Last Wednesday 1:21 PM INSTALL target refuses to install some Qt5 dlls

Versions: Unreleased

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