Qt Creator

Qt Quick / QML Support



"Textual" support for the Qml language, like code completion, navigation, highlighting

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug QTCREATORBUG-1743 Code folding preview is not always visible
  • Sub-task QTCREATORBUG-2167 Components are not changed when bindings change
  • Task QTCREATORBUG-2171 While debugging qmake-based QML app, Step Into should work from QML to CPP

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug QTCREATORBUG-12089 Today 10:50 AM Qt Creator does not recognize QML Extensions with QML files packaged into modules
  • Bug QTCREATORBUG-12079 Yesterday 11:15 AM Switch not working in QML code editor
  • Suggestion QTCREATORBUG-12100 Yesterday 8:21 AM Custom properties of components in QML Designer