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  • [QTCREATORBUG-51] - Creating method declaration by it's definition
  • [QTCREATORBUG-287] - Automatically create function definitions from their declaration
  • [QTCREATORBUG-318] - Show in Explorer option does not work for category folders
  • [QTCREATORBUG-1705] - Automatically create a stub implementation of method prototypes
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2161] - Deployed shadow build filenames must be converted to project filenames if available
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2163] - Debugger UI improvements
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2179] - Get rid of private Qt headers in qmljsdebuggerlib
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2385] - Fix qmljsdebuggerlib when creator is compiled out of source (shadow built)
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2386] - Fix usage of qmljsdebuggerlib if Creator is in a PATH with spaces
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2402] - Show Locals and Watchers when debugging JavaScript
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2415] - Show warning when connecting to the qml debugger / the right debugging service fails
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2417] - LivePreview only works for topmost item
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2556] - Support "QtQuick 1.0" namespace in QuickDesigner
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2557] - Support "QtQuick 1.0" namespace in qmldump
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2570] - DebuggerEngine state change at shutdown
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2590] - Change pending state of js breakpoints if they're hit
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2855] - QtQuickApplication wizard: A file selected in "Import an existing .qml file" that is in a different directory isn't found if no shadow building is used
  • [QTCREATORBUG-2987] - Qt Quick app wizard does deploy files with spaces in file path
  • [QTCREATORBUG-3019] - "Qt Quick Application" generated project does not find .qml file if shadow build has been disabled on the Mac
  • [QTCREATORBUG-3114] - Data deployment to Windows with space in project path or build path fails in qmlapplicationviewer.pri
  • [QTCREATORBUG-3312] - Various missing strings in German translation
  • [QTCREATORBUG-3314] - Missing strings in Polish translation

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