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  • [QTSOLBUG-25] - Modal Dialog in MFC app requires toplevel parent to be set for QWinWidget parent
  • [QTSOLBUG-36] - QGLWidget in an qtbrowserplugin does not work on Mac / OSX
  • [QTSOLBUG-38] - Including <QtColorComboBox> does not work with MinGW
  • [QTSOLBUG-48] - QWinWidget::center() is not being centered correctly
  • [QTSOLBUG-50] - When putting a QtControlHost into a QScrollArea it will not show the control it is hosting
  • [QTSOLBUG-51] - Using the MFC Mirgation, non-modal widgets do not repaint correctly when expanding treeviews or changing tabs in tabwidget
  • [QTSOLBUG-53] - Compiling QtSingleApplication on Mac with QT_NO_DEBUG_OUTPUT fails.
  • [QTSOLBUG-59] - QtToolBarDialog: When & is used to indicate a shortcut, the mnemonic is not underlined, the & is shown literally
  • [QTSOLBUG-60] - Qt Soap and XML Attributes
  • [QTSOLBUG-65] - QWinWidget: When a shortcut is set on a QWidget in a QWinWidget then it will not be triggered
  • [QTSOLBUG-66] - QtMmlWidget ignores the "accent" attribute of the mover tag
  • [QTSOLBUG-67] - Qt Browser Plugin solution, QLineEdit can't get focus
  • [QTSOLBUG-68] - When an action is associated with a widget but not added with addAction() then it can still be triggered
  • [QTSOLBUG-69] - Cannot abort the start of a QtService if an error should occur
  • [QTSOLBUG-70] - QWinWidget: When clicking on a widget in a QWinWidget it will not get the focus but it will go elsewhere
  • [QTSOLBUG-71] - QWinWidget: When the application with a winwidget has the focus and the activating goes from and to the app, it loses the focus
  • [QTSOLBUG-72] - QtSingleApplication 2.6 does not build on windows with the QT_NO_DEBUG_OUTPUT flag


  • [QTSOLBUG-10] - Group leaked objects in display
  • [QTSOLBUG-14] - It would be very useful if a dialog could be used in case the number of windows gets very large.
  • [QTSOLBUG-15] - Be able to pass strings to a running instance of a QtService
  • [QTSOLBUG-16] - Add ZIP support to QtIOCompressor
  • [QTSOLBUG-17] - Be able to build the QtService without UNICODE defined
  • [QTSOLBUG-18] - Qt Solutions: Suggestion for adding QtPieMenu::insertItem(QtPieAction *action, int index = -1)
  • [QTSOLBUG-19] - Make it possible to install a QtService on OS X
  • [QTSOLBUG-20] - Document how to install a QtService on commonly used Unix OS'es and Linux distributions
  • [QTSOLBUG-21] - Add an orb() and poa() function to QtCorba as they are common in both example classes
  • [QTSOLBUG-22] - QtService (Solutions for 4.x) needs further paramters...
  • [QTSOLBUG-24] - More control over QtService startup and shutdown progress
  • [QTSOLBUG-27] - Visual Studio extension plugin
  • [QTSOLBUG-28] - Qt Service controller example should exit with LSB-compliant codes
  • [QTSOLBUG-31] - Make clean up routines available through public API
  • [QTSOLBUG-33] - Be able to bypass the service command line handling and have the application process the command line directly
  • [QTSOLBUG-34] - Suggestion for Qt Solutions - QtService, make it possible to call setServiceDescription() after service is installed
  • [QTSOLBUG-35] - It would be useful if there was way to enable/disable the selecting of the alpha valuein QColorDialog
  • [QTSOLBUG-44] - Provide SpellChecking TextEdit on Windows and X11
  • [QTSOLBUG-46] - QtToolBarManager::restoreState(): support ignoring actions that are not part of the state being restored
  • [QTSOLBUG-52] - Add support for ClipRect in the JPEG 2000 Plugin since the format supports this
  • [QTSOLBUG-54] - Asynchronous QtImageFilters
  • [QTSOLBUG-55] - QtPropertyBrowser: Be able to specify a text color for a QtBrowserItem in a QtTreeBrowser
  • [QTSOLBUG-57] - Port the Object Inspector to Qt 4
  • [QTSOLBUG-58] - QtMMLWidget: Add support for Content MathML


  • [QTSOLBUG-23] - Add translation files for the Solutions

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