Release Notes - Qt Bugtracking interface - Version 3.13.4 - HTML format


  • [QTJIRA-1] - Qt Bug Tracker input fields have almost invisible text
  • [QTJIRA-9] - Do not precede assignee names with spaces
  • [QTJIRA-10] - Potential caching issue with Firefox on Linux
  • [QTJIRA-29] - Could not able to track the issue no. 208003
  • [QTJIRA-30] - QT-2652 can't be closed
  • [QTJIRA-32] - Please add new Qt components
  • [QTJIRA-35] - CLONE -No project exists for reporting bugs in the qt websites
  • [QTJIRA-41] - External people are reporting bugs and then accepting them and assigning them a priority.
  • [QTJIRA-44] - No workflow actions available for
  • [QTJIRA-45] - Searching for label misses results
  • [QTJIRA-48] - Week number is off by one in "Date Picker"
  • [QTJIRA-51] - List of administrators is empty
  • [QTJIRA-53] - Patch to QTBUG-10170 cannot be opened
  • [QTJIRA-54] - Cannot report bugs in "SDK Installer" component
  • [QTJIRA-56] - exception while trying to select watcher
  • [QTJIRA-57] - All links show broken text
  • [QTJIRA-61] - No way to remove resolved issues from the voting list.
  • [QTJIRA-62] - JIRA keeps logging me out
  • [QTJIRA-71] - File not attached if one is selected while creating a new issue
  • [QTJIRA-72] - file upload test
  • [QTJIRA-75] - Bugtracking System Bug
  • [QTJIRA-77] - No e-mail notification when more information is requested
  • [QTJIRA-79] - cannot create a new context in greenhopper
  • [QTJIRA-80] - Bug Tracker is far too slow
  • [QTJIRA-83] - Broken bug report
  • [QTJIRA-84] - Fisheye reports "Your request was unable to be processed. java.lang.RuntimeException"
  • [QTJIRA-87] - Bug tracker still claims Nokia Qt SDK Installer 1.0.1 is "unreleased"
  • [QTJIRA-91] - Searching for a label does not return all instances
  • [QTJIRA-96] - filter on label broken - excludes valid matches


  • [QTJIRA-2] - Finding issues by key
  • [QTJIRA-3] - It is no need to send email to me when I commented issue
  • [QTJIRA-5] - Add support of attaching code in issue
  • [QTJIRA-11] - Make git sha1 clickable
  • [QTJIRA-20] - JIRA requires a feature similar to Bugzilla's "Add CC"
  • [QTJIRA-24] - The reporter of the bug should be subscribed to email notifications by default
  • [QTJIRA-26] - request to add a link to the change, so that user can follow the link to see the repo change
  • [QTJIRA-27] - Way to add a comment to an issue right at the "Create Issue" page
  • [QTJIRA-31] - Update the platform components
  • [QTJIRA-38] - Add 'tags' to tasks
  • [QTJIRA-39] - No simple "related to" relation
  • [QTJIRA-43] - Can only edit comments in tasks that are assigned to me
  • [QTJIRA-46] - Tracking system stopped sending letters.
  • [QTJIRA-64] - "Create New Issue" Button Is Poorly Phrased
  • [QTJIRA-65] - Git changesets should be linked to gitorious
  • [QTJIRA-73] - Qt Mobility project is missing components for 1.1 release
  • [QTJIRA-82] - Add an option to save issues as private draft


  • [QTJIRA-40] - Assignment of Web issues
  • [QTJIRA-50] - Add Qt 4.8.0 version number for Qt
  • [QTJIRA-55] - Messages to other users
  • [QTJIRA-58] - Please reopen this task
  • [QTJIRA-85] - Please put the link to the bug reporting guidelines on the front page of internal and external Jira bug tracker
  • [QTJIRA-100] - Update "Bug reporting guidelines"-link on the JIRA front page

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