Release Notes - Qt Mobility - Version 1.1.2 - HTML format


  • [QTMOBILITY-677] - Battery level changes are never notified when levels go below 14%.
  • [QTMOBILITY-759] - Symbian accelerometer readings massively delayed to client application
  • [QTMOBILITY-881] - QContactManager::fromUri() will block for 6 minutes when building the QContactManager if no SIM card inserted
  • [QTMOBILITY-995] - Application exits while getting position updates
  • [QTMOBILITY-1090] - [Symbian] Never got BufferedMedia status if NOT call QMediaPlayer::play()
  • [QTMOBILITY-1280] - Video can appear in wrong position using graphicsvideoitem on S60 5.0
  • [QTMOBILITY-1287] - Symbian Camera: QML Camera view display area does not update properly when content aspect ratio changes
  • [QTMOBILITY-1293] - buffer overflow in QPulseAudioInput::read()
  • [QTMOBILITY-1299] - Video/Viewfinder not always shown fully in GVI on Symbian after rotation
  • [QTMOBILITY-1305] - Video appears transparent when options menu is shown on Symbian
  • [QTMOBILITY-1314] - Impossible to dismiss 'Color Options' dialog in player demo on Symbian
  • [QTMOBILITY-1315] - Symbian Camera: Viewfinder fails to start when using QVideoRendererControl
  • [QTMOBILITY-1321] - Multiple QML videos do not correctly respect Z-order on Symbian
  • [QTMOBILITY-1322] - Symbian Camera: Zooming fails in some cases
  • [QTMOBILITY-1327] - Stacking order of QGraphicsVideoItem is inverted on Symbian
  • [QTMOBILITY-1328] - Documentation error for QPlayList
  • [QTMOBILITY-1340] - Pulse audio plugin for QAudioInput keeps running when buffer overflows
  • [QTMOBILITY-1342] - Symbian Camera: ISO setting cannot be set
  • [QTMOBILITY-1343] - QPulseAudioOutput::write() does not handle a case what the available buffer is too small for data
  • [QTMOBILITY-1344] - QPulseAudioEngine::~QPulseAudioEngine() does not lock mainloop
  • [QTMOBILITY-1345] - QSystemDeviceInfo::imei() method is crashing with KERN-EXEC 0 panic when QSystemDeviceInfo object is instaniated and called on a secondary thread
  • [QTMOBILITY-1361] - QtContacts have UDEB symbols in Symbian WINSCW def file
  • [QTMOBILITY-1362] - QtOrganizer has debug exports in QtOrganizeru.def for WINSCW
  • [QTMOBILITY-1364] - operation type not copied when a landmarks attribute filter is copied
  • [QTMOBILITY-1367] - QPulseAudioInput may crash after calling close()
  • [QTMOBILITY-1368] - If client provides too small a data buffer for QAudioInput, the value for processedUSecs() will become more and more inacurate.
  • [QTMOBILITY-1369] - QCameraExposure is not emitting exposureCompensationChanged() signal
  • [QTMOBILITY-1377] - [Harmattan] QMediaPlayer::duration() returns always -1
  • [QTMOBILITY-1380] - Documentation for QML Camera element missing
  • [QTMOBILITY-1384] - QtVersit has UDEB symbols in Symbian WINSCW def file
  • [QTMOBILITY-1399] - linking problem for qlandmarkmanagerplugin autotest using VS2008
  • [QTMOBILITY-1405] - QtMobility 1.1 branch does not compile on top of Qt 4.6.3
  • [QTMOBILITY-1406] - Mobility does not provide a way to check versioning on .pro level
  • [QTMOBILITY-1415] - Camera doc error
  • [QTMOBILITY-1470] - Coverity defect in Harmattan
  • [QTMOBILITY-1519] - Rendering issue after switching between QGraphicsVideoItems



  • [QTMOBILITY-872] - Qt Mobility QML elements should use qmlInfo() instead of qWarning() to print out warnings

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