Release Notes - Qt Simulator - Version 1.0 RC - HTML format


  • [QTSIM-2] - mobility messaging doesn't work with mingw toolchain
  • [QTSIM-9] - style for for symbian touch device looks dated
  • [QTSIM-10] - Simulator does not start from QtCreator
  • [QTSIM-11] - buildkey in precompiled debug libraries contains "release"
  • [QTSIM-13] - Can't close simulator from task bar
  • [QTSIM-17] - Sensor do not work in simulator
  • [QTSIM-21] - Qt Simulator cannot be recorded with Camtasia Studio 7
  • [QTSIM-25] - Sensors not working on linux
  • [QTSIM-30] - Key handling
  • [QTSIM-36] - Debugging cannot start when app is dynamically linked with a library
  • [QTSIM-37] - Shadow Build is enabled by default
  • [QTSIM-38] - Regression, simulator display does not redraw properly after recent update on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bits



  • [QTSIM-15] - Simulator doesn't remember rotation state
  • [QTSIM-22] - Change parallel script execution to use threads instead of coroutines

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