Release Notes - Qt Simulator - Version 1.0.1 - HTML format


  • [QTSIM-42] - QGeoSatelliteInfoSource does not work in Simulator
  • [QTSIM-44] - QDialog layout and behavior issues
  • [QTSIM-58] - Triggering SMS not functional
  • [QTSIM-61] - Qt Simulator does not show softkey area menu
  • [QTSIM-63] - Simulator does only allow setting two of the six orientation settings
  • [QTSIM-67] - Unable to change the softkey names by using QAction
  • [QTSIM-69] - Building an application with sensors fails for QtSimulator on mac
  • [QTSIM-75] - Application crashes if MainWindow instiates a QPushButton after displaying a QSplashScreen


  • [QTSIM-35] - Maemo navigation bar and Symbian soft keys are not emulated


  • [QTSIM-46] - implement linux mobility multimedia backend
  • [QTSIM-60] - make messaging accounts and folders mimic the device's

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