Release Notes - Qt Visual Studio Add-in - Version 1.1.10 - HTML format


  • [QTVSADDINBUG-30] - moc command for generated QMainWindow header file refers directly to filename instead of %(fullPath) in VS2010
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-51] - Batch build fails for a mixed x64 and Win32 project
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-56] - Visual Studio crashes when a QSet<QString> is created on the stack in the constructor of a class
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-60] - New project wizard fails with: "Unable to find a Qt build! To solve this problem specify a Qt build" message
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-62] - Can not regsiter qmakewrapper1.dll!
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-66] - Visual Studio Addin: Conversion of a win32 build config Qt project to x64 via changing the imported project Qt version causes an exception in Visual Studio 2010
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-67] - After uninstalling 'qt-vs-addin-1.1.8.exe' and installing 'qt-vs-addin-1.1.9.exe' large parts of 'autoexp.dat' are missing.
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-69] - vs2010+Qt4.7.2+Addin1.1.9: The build must be stopped before the project can be closed
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-70] - Wrong lupdate options causes exception
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-71] - vs addin modules list doesn't include all the modules (i.e.uitools)
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-73] - CPU usage at 100% in Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 (when appwrapper port is blocked)
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-75] - Add-in creates moc file for a file it should not
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-76] - qmake.conf reader ignores comments
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-79] - Version check in version 1.1.9 prevents adding qt builts for wince
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-80] - Link error with file libgles_cm.lib
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-81] - intellisense not showing properties in visual studio add-in
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-84] - Non portable path separators
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-85] - Visual Studio Add-In includes QtDesigner.lib into project settings (which does not exist) when creating Designer Plugin Project
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-87] - This Qt version is not compatible to your current Visual Studio
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-88] - Errorrs in generated .vcxproj files (VC2010)
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-89] - "Can't find a Qt version for the current build platform"
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-93] - Wrong debug settings (Project->Debugging->Environment)
  • [QTVSADDINBUG-101] - Cannot set Qt Version for x64 projects in VS 2008

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