Release Notes - Qt Quality Assurance Infrastructure - Version 2012q3 - HTML format


  • [QTQAINFRA-244] - Tracebench regression of June 2011 on mac and linux - false positives?
  • [QTQAINFRA-537] - parse_build_log: objcopy, cd errors not extracted
  • [QTQAINFRA-542] - parse_build_log: rc.exe errors are not extracted
  • [QTQAINFRA-556] - jenkins slave startup is not robust against temporary network issues
  • [QTQAINFRA-563] - Change of maintainer for Qt NFC module


User Story

  • [QTQAINFRA-164] - Gerrit: eliminate usage of integrationrepo for CI and gerrit
  • [QTQAINFRA-525] - Test OpenGL with ANGLE on Windows
  • [QTQAINFRA-528] - parse_build_log: extract "Project ERROR" when qmake fails
  • [QTQAINFRA-529] - parse_build_log: handle moc parse errors
  • [QTQAINFRA-546] - parse_build_log: extract "clang: error: ..."

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